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Alexander Ross MacGregor focuses his business life on helping the environment through work in the market of renewable energy. He understands the implications of excessive carbon emissions on the world’s atmosphere and is using his experience as a salesman to educate the public. By paying attention to his personal carbon footprint and making necessary lifestyle changes, he hopes to make a profound impact. Through his work in the renewable energy market, he tries to explore ways to reduce energy needs that will save the planet from further damage. He has earned the reputation of being a leader in the field with his experience and knowledge. In addition to renewable energy, he is very active in many types of outdoor sports and hobbies, including marathons, snowboarding, skiing, fishing, golf and shinty.

Previous Professional Experience in the Financial Industry

As a mortgage broker, Ross MacGregor began working at MacGregor Mortgages in the year 2002. During that time he organized and held meetings with his clients in order to understand their financial situation and their mortgage needs. After carefully researching the market, he would follow up with appropriate recommendations for the types of mortgages that would suit their needs. In his final proposal, he would also include options for various types of life insurance policies and coverage to help with the mortgage in case of critical illness.

Entry into the Field of Renewable Energy

Beginning in 2008, Ross MacGregor worked for H & R Energy in Inverness. He was the General Manager where he used his intense interest in the industry to explore and research the challenges faced with the renewable energy market. His hard work paid off and the clientele benefitted from his excellent advice and suggestions—especially on the subject of wind turbines. He became an expert on different types of wind turbines and how to choose the best location for their placement. The turbines are based on kinetic energy moving the propeller blades, which causes a rotor that spins a central shaft, which in turn spins through a gearbox. By increasing the rotational speed, the shaft spins a generator and creates electricity. In addition to advising his company as to the best areas to construct wind turbines, he offered advice on locations to invest in biomass plantations, which are necessary in the production of energy efficient bio fuels. Along with the cultivation of these plantations, he was responsible for pricing of the plantations. He also managed the staff and company jobs that were scattered about the countryside of Spean Bridge and Inverness. This oversight also involved the management and placement of wind turbines. The company initiated complex bargaining for land that took place between the regional farmers and energy suppliers. As the General Manager, it was his job to oversee the talks and formalize the negotiated contracts.

Memberships and Clubs

As an award winning sportsman, Ross MacGregor has won many prizes, including winning first place for the biggest fish in a fishing contest. He has also won awards for competitive shinty and for his participation in various regional marathons.


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